August 10

It America Effectively Handling The War On Terror?

Because terrorism is a subjectively measured psychological fear, it can be difficult to equivocally declare success for the United States’ attempts to eradicate the pervasive danger through war.

In fact, the publicity has garnered more awareness of the matter. This instills a generalized perception of an increased terrorist presence that is not substantiated in the material world. Media reports engender perpetual weariness of terror, which is evidence that the government is implementing the exact same tactics they claim to be Read more…

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June 02

Can America Afford To Bail Out More Private Corporations?

As long as America continues to bail out the private corporations and the larger businesses, then the country will never get ahead. If a business wants to make money, it does not give money to other companies in order to make them stronger. This is what America has been doing for the past decade. The country has given money to businesses, hoping that the businesses will grow and be able to return the money to the country. However, these businesses Read more…

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March 27

Should Wealthy Americans Pay More Or Less Taxes?

One of the most polarizing political questions of this day and age is as simple as it is divisive: Should the wealthy pay more in taxes? There are arguments raging on both sides. It’s difficult to determine which side has more validity behind their arguments. However, when looked at objectively, we’re able to determine that the wealthy could indeed afford to pay more in taxes. However, the question is now should they pay more in taxes. The subtle Read more…

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July 13

Can America Effectively Protect It’s Borders?

The job of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is to prevent the illegal entry of goods and individuals into the United States, while ensuring that legitimate border crossers are not unduly inconvenienced. With thousands of miles of borders to protect, this section of the government certainly has a large job. Every year thousands of illegal persons and goods are smuggled into the country, despite ever effort made.

The two largest points of illegal entry into the US are the Canadian and Mexican borders. The Canadian Read more…

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November 12

When Should The President Use The Power Of Line Item Veto?

Line item vetos have always been a contentious topic in national politics, and with the recent budget debates, its something that has been coming to the forefront yet again. In essence, a line item veto would allow the chief executive to veto specific parts of a bill, without vetoing the bill in its entirety. Currently, although line item veto power is common on a state level, with 44 state governers wielding this power, the president is barred from performing a line item veto by the Supreme Court (Clinton v. City Read more…

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October 30

Should The U.S. House Vote To Extend Provisions In Patriot Act.

U.S. Patriot Act was introduced to House of Representatives on October 23, 2001 as a response to September 11 Attacks. It was introduced by Jim Sensenbrenner, a Conservative Republican who sought to decrease some of national restrictions on law forces such as FBI and CIA. This bill has been controversial in many ways as many people criticized it for its extra loose laws that allow police, CIA, and FBI wiretap people, start surveillance without District Attorney-s Read more…

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October 18

Is Government Spending Out Of Control?

Of course it is! We’ve all heard stories about hammers that cost 300 and toilet seats that cost 400 but the truth is much much worse. Spending 25 million annually to maintain vacant or unused federal owned buildings is not only ridiculous but insulting to the American taxpayer. Now Congress is crying that they can’t pay their mortgages on just 174,000 a year! Well, I’m not sorry to say too bad! The rest of the country already has that problem and guess what they get; foreclosed.
Many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and the government is Read more…

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September 02

Faking Your Way Through a Political Conversation

Ever feel left out when your friends start talking politics and you’ve got nothing to contribute? We don’t understand because we’re all about the party lines but here’s our best suggestions for looking effortlessly interested without being too intense
Get the Basics: Get out your internet and research the main playersdo you know who Michelle Bachmann is? You should, and a few of her rivals, just enough to mention their name and a fact or two about their policy.
Read more…

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April 26

Egyptian Government: Should America Get Involved?

Should America get involved in Egyptian affairs of state? This question, like many others regarding such an issue needs to be defined for further discussion. Just what constitutes involvement?

When considering Egypt, keep in mind that this country is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Its culture, mores and political structure has been in development for many thousands of years. From the pharaohs to the pan Arab nationalism of Nasser, Egypt has weathered many political storms.

The rise of Anwar Sadat and his refutation of Nasser’s nationalistic policy and his willingness to engage in progressive peacemaking served Egypt well Read more…

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April 13

Should The President Receive The Power Of Line Item Veto?

The question behind whether or not the president deserves the power of line item veto has been discussed a lot lately. Many people don’t fully realize what this means but specifically it means the president can veto part of a bill but approve the rest when it reaches his office. The biggest question is if this is even constitutional or not.

The constitutionality of the line item veto is at the center of this debate. This particular type of veto was never addressed in the constitution Read more…

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